Parris Rose is an entertainment reporter, red carpet correspondent, content creator and an on air host at Hollywire. She is also a writer/correspondent for The Knockturnal digital magazine. Parris has always been an inquisitive and outgoing person. She knew that she loved socializing and being in the center of the action and she excelled in many different arenas. Parris modeled for a few years before taking an interest in production. After a period of time working behind the scenes and acquiring new knowledge, she was ready to be front and center again!

Parris created her own YouTube show called, The Unpopular Opinion in which she discusses current hot topics such as, plastic surgery, body image and culture appropriation while sharing her rather unpopular opinions on each topic. Parris encourages an open discussion with her audience. Her hope is to start the conversation, even with touchy subjects. The idea is to bridge the gap and allow people to express their point of views openly without scrutiny or judgement.

Music, TV, film, fashion, you name it and Parris can get you up to speed on what’s hot and what’s not. Parris’ love for entertainment has been a consistent passion throughout her life. She was able to explore this passion by writing and hosting short entertainment beauty news segments on American Beauty Star’s digital platform. When she’s not dishing on the latest news in entertainment, she’s giving engaging, insightful and comical reviews on Black Hollywood Live and Afterbuzz TV on some of the most popular shows such as Scandal, Empire and This is Us. Parris doesn’t like to hear news through the grapevine so she makes sure to be on the hottest red carpet events and press junkets to get the scoop first!

When she is able, Parris uses her free time to travel. She has lived in major cities all over the world including New York City, Sydney, Australia and Milan, Italy. From her time in Italy she learned to speak Italian and is now fluent. Currently this rolling stone resides in Los Angeles, California.

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